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soto ayam

Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam usually eaten with rice in separate dishes or to be mixed in a bowl. Have it your way.

Price IDR 20.000,-

soto daging

Soto Daging Betawi

Price IDR 24.000,-

sate ayam

Sate Ayam

Served with steamed rice

Price IDR 28.000,-

mie goreng

Mie Goreng

You can have it with fried egg, chicken wing, few meatballs and krupuk or Indonesian crackers.

Price IDR 28.000,-

nasi goreng kampoeng

Nasi Goreng Kampoeng

Delicious fried rice with traditional spices with chicken, mixed pickles, and crispy shrimp cracker

Price IDR 28.000,-

ayam bakar jawa

Ayam Bakar Jawa

Served with steamed rice and vegetables

Price IDR 32.000,-



sop buntut

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

Beef tails are the best part to make a delicious soup. Served with rice and some slices of cucumber and vegetables. Don't forget the sambal!

Price IDR 68.000,-

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